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Is your child preparing to take the SAT in the near future? A high SAT score is essential for acceptance to top colleges and universities in the United States. Unfortunately, a high GPA does not automatically translate to a high SAT score. Your child's GPA is a measure of their work ethic, focus, and memory, while their SAT score is a measure of their reasoning, attention to detail, and mastery of basic math and grammar. It will require extra effort and a different approach to raise that score!

High Performance Tutoring is proud to offer customized, effective, one-on-one SAT Prep courses in Salt Lake City, UT and surrounding areas including Sandy, Provo, Lehi, Bountiful, Ogden, Millcreek, Draper, and Orem. We assess each student's area of weakness and adapt our approach over time to maximize their performance. We help students master precise topics in math and grammar that appear frequently on the ACT. We help students master important testing strategies such as timing, the process of elimination, estimation, and inference. Our program also improves reading speed and memory.

We understand your child may be taking a few advanced placement classes and participating in several extracurricular activities. Fortunately, our program is designed to be flexible so we can work around your child's other commitments. All the tutoring we do is one-on-one and in-person. 95% of students who complete our program improve their SAT score by 50 to 300 points! Our SAT prep tutors in Salt Lake City, UT have helped hundreds of students win scholarships and get accepted into top colleges and universities.

Call us today at (801) 508 - 4080 or fill out our registration form to get started! Our support staff will help match you with one of our certified SAT prep coaches and create a plan that works for your child's goals and schedule. We look forward to hearing from you.

Customer Testimonials

  • My daughter Hannah raised her ACT score from a 26 to a 33 after completing an intensive twelve week training program with High Performance Tutoring. This score will open up so many doors for her!

    Pamela West High Parent
  • My son has always struggled in math and was reluctant to use a tutor. I am glad we chose to work with High Performance Tutoring. They raised his ACT math score from a 23 to a 31 after 10 weeks of tutoring. What a difference!

    Leslie Judge Memorial Parent
  • After receving several low scores on the ACT, I enrolled with High Performance Tutoring. I began to seeing positive results immediately. They honed my skills and taught me excellent strategies. I improved my ACT score by 5 points!

    Lindsay Judge Memorial Senior
  • Calling High Performance Tutoring was one of our best decisions yet after our dissapointment with other local tutoring options for ACT Prep. They were very comitted to to my daughter's success. In the end, her score jumped 6 points on the ACT!

    Brent Davis High Parent