Tutor Profile - Wilson L.

Lives in La Jolla , CA (can travel up to 20 miles)

Tutors Online via Zoom

Bio: I graduated from the UCSD with a Bachelor’s of Science in 2018 and Master’s of Science in 2019, both focusing on Biology, with a Psychology minor. During my time as a graduate student, I also worked as a TA for a biology lab course at UCSD. Currently, I volunteer in Reality Changers as a tutor for underserved high school students in City Heights, San Diego. From both my experiences, my favorite part of tutoring or teaching is working with students who believe that they’re simply “not good” at a given subject and helping them turn around that perspective completely after we work through the hurdles together. I love tutoring because it’s not just a one-way street of dropping facts and expecting success, but rather a partnership through which we learn more about ourselves as well as the material!

Subjects: Anatomy, AP Biology, Basic Biology, Cellular Biology, Ecology, Evolution, General Biology I, General Biology II, Genetics, High School Biology, IB Biology, Physiology

Experience at High Performance Tutoring: Wilson has worked at High Performance Tutoring for 9 months and has helped 1 of our students learn effectively, build academic confidence, improve grades, and raise test scores. Wilson is highly knowledgeable, great at teaching, has a wonderful personality, and has proven over time to be very reliable.


The green shade represents times in which Wilson is available. The pink shade represents times in which Wilson is on vacation. So any times shaded in green that are not overlapped by a vacation are times that Wilson is available to meet with you. Call us today at (619) 313 - 4861 or fill out our Registration Form at the top of this page to book your first session Risk-Free!

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