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Bio: I am originally from Texas but now live, teach, and raise my children in the Bay Area. A few years after graduating from the University of Texas with a Bachelor's degree in Molecular Biology, I went on to pursue my teaching credentials and I have been a High School Science teacher for over 14 years. In that time I've taught a number of different subjects, but my passion has always been for the subject of Biology. That passion began when I was a young boy. An appreciation for the scientific method, a strong interest in the application of scientific knowledge toward solving problems, and a deep commitment to the pursuit of truth has guided my professional career and steered me toward a lifelong love of science. It is that same passion that I have sought to share with hundreds, if not thousands, of students since I began teaching. Biology can be an incredibly interesting subject, but it can also be a truly confusing and challenging subject as well. It is my hope to help students through those challenges and help them to gain confidence and a strong command of the subject matter. My educational philosophy centers around the idea that students learn best when they pursue their own interests. Since meaningful knowledge is acquired more through learning than through "being taught" this means the best type of teaching seeks to facilitate the development of a student's own passions. In short, we tend to learn what we care about and we learn best when we enjoy the process as well. If that interest lies in Biology, then I am happy to help students cultivate their skills. If that interest lies somewhere else, then I am equally happy to help students navigate the course and overcome the challenges it may present.

Subjects: AP Biology, General Biology I, General Biology II, High School Biology, Basic Biology, Anatomy, Physiology, IB Biology

Experience at High Performance Tutoring: Apollo has worked at High Performance Tutoring for 4 months and has helped 2 of our students learn effectively, build academic confidence, improve grades, and raise test scores. Apollo is highly knowledgeable, great at teaching, has a wonderful personality, and has proven over time to be very reliable.


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