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Students may receive poor grades or low standardized test scores for a variety of reasons. Perhaps it's test anxiety, a lack of motivation, poor study habits, overload, bad health, a learning disability, a lack of prerequisite knowledge, or a poor classroom experience. We have seen it all! Whatever the issue, High Performance Tutoring has a Solution. We believe that the quality of the tutor is more important to a student's learning than any other factor. That is why we invest so much time and resources to selectively hire and train the most talented and experienced team of professional tutors in the Bay Area. Great tutors know how to motivate, give clear explanations, offer helpful feedback, and hold students accountable.

Our mission as a company is to make every aspect of the tutoring process simple, convenient, efficient, and high-quality. ALL our Tutors are High Performance Certified which means they are experts in their subject, are great at breaking things down in simple tearms, have amazing personalities, and are reliable. Our support staff works around the clock to simplify the process of coordinating schedules and answering important questions. Don't take our word for it, Call Us Today and Book your First Session FREE with no strings attached! Our tutors can meet wherever is convenient for you. We cover ALL levels of math, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, accounting, finance, and more! We also have expert test prep coaches with incredible track records of raising scores on the SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, ASVAB, and Accuplacer.

Our tutors work together as a team and are personally invested in each student’s success. We know how to break down challenging concepts in ways that are easy to understand. We help students think critically about problems. All Tutoring we do is One-on-One because through experience we have found this method to be the most effective for students. We provide tutoring in Berkeley, CA and the entire San Francisco Bay Area.

EVERY Thursday from 4:00 PM PST to 5:00 PM PST, High Performance Tutoring hosts FREE ACT/SAT Prep Workshops via Zoom. No registration is required and EVERYONE is welcome. Simply use the meeting ID 977-9336-4399. We will discuss essential testing strategies and study techniques proven to raise test sores. We will also review targeted problems and essential concepts you'll need to know. More information is available here. We hope to see you there!

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Student Testimonials

  • Our daughter looks forward to her time with her tutor every week. He is a mentor, a friend, and goes the extra mile before tests to make sure she has everything she needs to feel competent and prepared.

    Fraser, Waterford Parent
  • I've met with multiple tutors at HPT over several semesters for help in trig, calculus, linear algebra, and differential equations. They saved me from failing a few times. I'm pleased with the useful and professional support I received.

    Beau SLCC Student
  • My daughter Hannah raised her ACT score from a 26 to a 33 after completing an intensive twelve week training program with High Performance Tutoring. This score will open up so many doors for her!

    Pamela West High Parent
  • I despise math, but High Performance Tutoring helped me get an A in my medical statistics class. I was admitted to the hospital during finals week and my tutor came to my hospital room and tutored me there for our last session. He was great.

    Andrea- U of U Med Student
  • My son went from a frustrated 9th grader getting D's on his math tests to straight A's for the next three years. He actually signed himself up for AP Calculus his senior year because he wanted to maintain his knowledge going into college.

    Julie Judge Memorial Parent
  • My children have loved every tutor we have used from High Performance. The tutors have helped them excel in their studies in the classroom and helped them succeed on the AP, IB, ACT, and SAT exams!

    Trish West High Parent
  • The tutors are great at explaining issues and problems that people like myself struggle with. I now enjoy math which allows me to understand and comprehend more clearly what is going on in class.

    Jake U of U Student
  • I used High Performance Tutoring over a 5 week period during my preparation for the GMAT. Despite the short timeframe, we were able to hit my target score and I got accepted to the Booth School of Business in Chicago!

    Mathew Business School Applicant

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