Working with a Language Tutor

Spanish Language Tutors in Denver

Learning a brand-new language can be both an exciting and frightening prospect for your child, especially if they have no experience with their language. Informal conversation might feel like Mount Everest; in fact, most students don’t acquire the skill to communicate effectively in junior high or high school language courses. With High Performance Tutoring, your child can learn how to speak Spanish or German as a native would, along with learning the necessary grammar and vocabulary to pass the class. Here are some tips to working with our tutors!

Let Us Know What You Want

One of the most important things we can know is what your child’s goals are in learning their new language. Do they want to learn the language and become a fluent speaker? Or are they needing help in passing a class? Our tutors can assist by staying in the target language as much as possible, correcting pronunciation and sentence structure, writing down new vocab words as they come up, and even planning individualized lesson plans to suit the student’s needs.

Setting Concrete Goals

When the initial excitement of learning a language begins to trail off, it can be hard to stick with it; your child will probably know just enough to struggle but not enough to express themselves like they would want to. Our tutors set concrete goals with our students to help them learn from the basics to more advanced speaking and writing. In school, with language classes especially, the class may progress faster than your child can keep up. Or, in some cases, the class may only progress at the rate of the slowest student. Since our tutors work with your child one-on-one, they’ll be able to more easily overcome challenges they would normally face in a school setting.


Perhaps the best reason to hire a language tutor from High Performance Tutoring is the consistency of instruction for your child. 30 minutes every day with a new language is better than 8 hours once a week, for example. Learning a new language is something that takes a lot of time, dedication, and immersion to truly grasp. Our tutors can act as a supplement to the time your child learns at school or they can serve as the primary source of language learning.

Let’s raise your child’s grades and confidence in their new language! High Performance Tutoring can help your young student succeed. Call us at (720) 943-7304 to get started.

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