The Value of Personal Tutoring

The Value of Personal Tutoring

These are interesting times for students. It seems as if both the challenges and the opportunities for education are rapidly growing. Today, students and workers face large-scale societal changes the world over. Fast-increasing global competition and widespread technological disruption, to name just two prominent issues, pose challenges that few can afford to ignore. No longer can we reasonably expect that the skills acquired in our youth will carry us through until retirement? The pressure to adapt to rapidly changing workplaces and job descriptions will only grow, so we need to get comfortable with ongoing skill building and refinement. This will impose increased demands on our time and cognitive bandwidth as we go about our working lives.

On the other hand, almost as if to compensate for these troubles, our access to online educational tools has made autodidactic learning more attractive than ever. Today, students can go to any number of cheap or free online repositories and absorb lectures and work through problem sets of superb quality. So, assuming you have the prerequisites, you could power through a lecture series on, say, differential equations, and by the end exhibit real theoretical and practical capabilities in the subject.

However, there’s a major problem with the do-it-yourself approach: it’s very difficult. Only exceptionally motivated and disciplined people can pull it off successfully. We humans simply did not evolve to master complex skills by staring at a screen or textbook—we evolved to learn from other humans. So for most of us, the best method for skill acquisition will involve a heavy dose of interaction with other people in addition to private study. Consider, by analogy, how competitive athletes maintain and improve their abilities: they always have a social environment–the coach and team–that sets goals and provides friendly competition. They also have a personal trainer who provides tailored guidance and holds the athlete accountable. Additionally, athletes need to put in countless hours of cardio and weight training on their own, just to maintain baseline fitness. It is this trifecta of learning environments—the team, the mentor, and private work—that is optimal for success, whether athletic or academic.

Our education system is great at providing time and space for group learning and individual study. What tends to fall short is dedicated, one-on-one mentorship. It is this gap in our current system that we tutors fill and, at our best, we offer exceptional value. An experienced tutor will provide you with a higher quality understanding of the material all while saving you a lot of time, sweat, and tears along the way. Last but not least, an exceptional tutor will be an intelligent, thoughtful person who can offer real mentorship that goes far beyond the narrow scope of academic skill transfer.

We at High Performance Tutoring believe that the best learning happens with the best tutors. We search high and low to recruit and train the top 5% of tutors in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Diego County, Utah, and Colorado. Our tutors are highly knowledgeable, have great personalities, explain things clearly, and are dependable. Our support staff works hard to ensure every student’s tutoring experience is beneficial, convenient, and reliable. So give us a try, whether you need math, science, or SAT/ACT prep tutoring. For customers in California, your first session is FREE! Visit us at for more details.


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