4 Advantages to Hiring a Private Tutor

4 Advantages of Private Tutoring

When helping your child with homework, how often do you hear something like: “I don’t need your help, Mom/Dad! I can do it myself!” Or how many times have you wanted to help your child work through a complicated math problem just to realize that you don’t know the solution yourself? If you worry about the academic progress of your child and feel helpless, know that there is help. Here are just some of the advantages to hiring a tutor from High Performance Tutoring to assist you child in everything from algebra to chemistry to SAT Prep and more.

1. Tutors Aren’t Parents or Teachers

Teachers and parent sit in places of authority. Despite how much you may want to help as a parent, sometimes kids don’t react well to being taught from typical sources. A private tutor is neither a teacher or a parent and offers a unique perspective on subjects that your child might otherwise miss in class. Even students that aren’t struggling academically will learn a great amount from a tutor they can trust.

2. Tutors Provide One-On-One Engagement

Depending on the population of the school your child attends, there could be anywhere from twenty to forty other students to one teacher. Teachers work hard and smart, but they often don’t have the ability to instruct their students one-on-one and give them undivided attention. Tutors can offer this and so much more; if your child struggles on one subject, our tutors can shift the focus on turning your child’s weaknesses into strengths.

3. Tutoring Fills in the Gaps

When students get behind in school, it’s difficult to catch up, no matter the subject. Even the brightest students can fall behind, and there’s not much a teacher can do when there are twenty-five other students in the classroom. If you’re finding it difficult to help your child keep up with the rigors of school, hire one of our tutors to help. We can make sure your child understands the concepts they need to advance.

4. Tutoring Can Improve Standardized Test Scores

Your child can be doing fantastically on homework assignments, but when it comes to standardized testing like the ACT or SAT, they can struggle to maintain focus and remember what they’ve learned. Our tutors can take a practice exam with your teen and give them pointers on how to take a longform standardized test.


Want to boost your child’s self-esteem in class and give them the best academic future? Hire a tutor from High Performance Tutoring! We carefully select and rigorously train exceptional tutors who can help with calculus, statistics, chemistry, physics, SAT Prep, ACT Prep, and more. Contact us today by calling (702) 943-7304.

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