How to ACE Your Final Exams!

Final exams have a major influence on semester grades. They require far more preparation than weekly homework assignments and quizzes because they require knowledge of everything you’ve learned this semester. At High Performance Tutoring, we have helped thousands of students get through their final exams and pass with flying colors. In this article, we present our top tips and recommendations.

Practice Problems

In math and science class it is imperative that you work through and solve actual problems. Simply reading the book or looking through notes is important but will not be nearly enough. First, you should identify all of the sections of the textbook that are relevant for the exam. Second, select three to five random problems in each section and attempt to work through them. Third, for any section in which you struggled, work through at least five additional problems until they feel comfortable with the material. This may seem time-consuming but it is often necessary for receiving good grades in those tough math and science classes.

Create Structure

Some of your teachers will give you a study guide to work on before major exams. We have found these to be very helpful in preparing students for exams. Unfortunately, most of your teachers will not provide this for you and you must find your own way to prepare. We strongly recommend that you create a checklist of all the things you will do to prepare for the exam. This may include solving specific practice problems, creating flashcards, taking notes from the textbook, and looking over old homework and tests. Treat the checklist as if it were a homework assignment with a specific due date. One of our top-quality tutors can help create the checklist and work towards completing it. This simple exercise will add structure to your studying and make you more prepared for your final exams.

Study with Classmates

Find a study group, whether it consists of classmates or close friends.¬†Quiz each other on the topics most likely to appear on the exam. One of the best ways to thoroughly understand something is by teaching it to someone else. The questions that will naturally come from the person you are teaching will force you to think more thoroughly and effectively. Your peers may think of things you hadn’t.

One-on-One Tutoring

You can learn a lot from studying on your own, but your learning will be more effective, more memorable, and it will happen at a faster rate with one of our experienced tutors. As numerous responsibilities pile up at the end of this semester, give yourself an edge by booking a few sessions over these next few weeks. We will make sure you fully understand your homework are devoting sufficient amounts of time to studying for your final exams.

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