Six Habits of Successful Students

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Everybody wants to succeed. But many do not realize that success does not come as easy as they would like. The ladder of success is made up of layer by layer hard-earned work and daily habits that accumulate to finally reach the top end – which is, sweet success.

Students who want to be the best in class or ace the ACT score find that it is not enough to review the lessons or browse notes taken in lectures. Nobody has reached the top without any form of help from others who are experts in different fields. That’s why there is a need for brilliant men and women who can pass on their talents to those who are in need of learning, and help form the right habits that will lead to success in college and in life.

1. Write down Realistic Study Goals

Goal writing is the first step towards success. Without proper visualization of what exactly you’d want to achieve, you would never reach success, simply because you don’t know what success looks like. Every day, take time to write down on a paper or notebook the things you have to do and the goals you would want to achieve. Things to do, will be your daily tasks; while Goals, will be your long-term aim.

2. Establish a Study Zone

Having your own nook creates a warm feeling of ownership and personal space. Bring all the necessary items with you when you study. You’ll need a big desk to spread your books, laptop, paper and supplies.  Proper lighting is crucial for reading and writing; and correct placing of light prevents eyestrain or fatigue. Don’t allow disturbances to distract you such as phone calls, noise from family members, and social media.

3. Start with the subject you like most.

As your most difficult assignment or subject will require the most effort and mental energy, you should do it last. Doing your favorite subject increases your motivation and gives you a more rewarding feeling. This will increase your momentum to do higher tasks that require intense concentration and focus.  Once you’re done with the easy subjects, more than half the battle is won.

 4. Cramming Equals Panicking

Don’t cram all your lessons into one session. Successful students space their work out over shorter periods of time.  If you want to become a successful student then you need to have regular, yet shorter, study periods. Also, don’t wait until the deadline is tomorrow before you start doing a project. If you want a more beautiful outcome for your projects, you need more preparation time to do the intricate details.

5. Get Enough Sleep and Rest

If you find yourself up late at night trying to keep your eyelids open when you are studying, then it is time for a change. Studying when you’re sleepy is a hassle.  Taking a nap when you’re tired does wonders for your mind than spending all your energy beating deadlines.

A good night’s sleep will help you understand and remember information better. You have more energy to attend classes when you feel well

6. Consider Joining a Study Group

If you have noticed your grades are slipping in certain courses then perhaps you need to hire a tutor to help you with those subjects. Many professional test prep companies in our community offer programs to help you ace your exams. The best programs provide a continuous flow of one-on-one instruction, practice, and homework assignments. Choose one with an excellent track record for improving students’ scores.

At High Performance Tutoring there are more than 30 exceptional tutors that serve students throughout the greater Salt Lake Area. They can help with math, physics, chemistry, biology, ACT Prep, and more. They love the work they do in the community by helping students form good study habits that will lead them to success.


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