ACT Practice Tests

When preparing for the ACT, make sure you are practicing with real ACT practice problems. The practice tests published by ACT Inc. are more similar to what you will see on the actual ACT than questions produced by any other organization. The ACT is kind enough to publish a practice test every couple of years and make it publicly available.

Below, you can download five of the most recent practice tests published by ACT Inc. Make sure to time yourself. Check your answers at the end and go over what you missed. Practice mindfully.

  1. ACT Practice Test 59F
  2. ACT Practice Test 61C
  3. ACT Practice Test 64E
  4. ACT Practice Test 67C
  5. ACT Practice Test 72C

ACT Inc. has published three more practice tests in their latest edition of The Official ACT Prep Guide which is available on Amazon for about $25.

ACT Prep Tutoring in Utah

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Our methods have a proven track record of raising scores. In fact, 95% of students who complete our Premier ACT Prep Package raise their scores by 2 to 7 points! Give us a call today at (801) 508 – 4080 to get started!

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